Eco makeup removal - how to take care of your skin without chemicals substances?

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„Eco”. What does it mean? Classic cleansing gel, foam or micellar water have many alternatives! You can choose between consistency, texture, smell and create your own beauty routines. Today, we share with you our eco makeup removal tips in hope you will also share some of yours. Ok, let’s go! First of all, you need to realize that you will not avoid chemical substances because all products have them. When we talk about „eco” cosmetics – we mean these not heavily cleansing products which won’t leave our skin dry, irritated and left with damaged hydrolipidic film. So what are we looking for? Organic plant extracts, hydrolates, clays and comestible ingredients. Let’s look at our options.


Makeup removal powders are natural and easy to transport. You will like them if you fly a lot with hand luggage which has fluid limitations. Another one of their advantages is multitude of uses. According to their producers, they can be used to make cleaning paste, mask and even toner. Their ingredient list is usually short and made of clay (yes! The same one as used in face masks), ground oatmeal (which are antioxidants that soothe skin irritation) and saponins (natural cleansing agent). As extras, they also include ground herbs, essential oils or scent supplements. The powder can be mixed with milk, hydrolate or water until it becomes a thick paste which can be put on a moist face. With a little bit of determination, you can make such a cosmetic yourself. To make your own, personal makeup removal mixture, all you need is a coffee grinder and example ingredient lists taken from cosmetic producers.


This one is a proposal for girls who like makeup removal based on oils. Creams usually take form of black soaps sold in little jars. They include mixtures of natural oils such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil etc. Of course, for the consistency to be creamy, it has to be thickened. It can be done with cocoa butter, Shea butter or wax. It can also include plant extracts and scent mixtures. However, be careful – creams can vary between themselves. Many brands offer such creams, but those sold at popular drugstores will probably be packed with chemicals. Also, remember that eco creams are usually meant for dry skin. Oily skin will not be happy to be cleaned with wax or oils.


It actually works in a similar way to a powder – but this one you get in a form of a ready paste and you don’t have to dissolve it with anything. It is still based on oatmeal or ground almonds, sunflower seeds or clay. Essential oils and preservatives will be probable additions for the products not to become food for bacteria or mold. Some people praise this kind of cleansing, especially if the pastes include flower parts e.g. lavender, or if the almonds, seeds or oatmeal are not to heavily ground – which additionally gives them a little bit of peeling.


If Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar were women, you can be sure one of them would be carrying Aleppo soap! Why? Because it’s amazingly good, SLS and paraben-free, based only on olive oil and laurel oil mixed together in different concentration. This soap may not smell like violets, but it takes great care of oily and mixed skin, which can have problems with blocked pores. It deeply cleans the skin and speeds the healing of imperfections. Laurel oil has antiseptic effect and olive oil lubricates the skin. If your skin is dry, choose a soap with 5% to 10% content of the laurel oil. Mixed and normal skin will like soap with 10% to 20% content of the laurel oil. More than 20% laurel oil in soap will be beneficial for oily skin, and more than 40% - for skin suffering from heavy acne. Unfortunately, Aleppo soap is strong and can make the skin dry. That is why, it is recommended to be used only once a day and with the lowest content of laurel oil. In time, you can try and use the one with higher amount of laurel oil. And even though this soap is really ecological and natural, we have to clearly state that it cannot be used for eye makeup removal. It might be too irritating for the eye mucosa. It may soothe sebum production in the T zone – but for mascara and eyeliner you’ll need a different removal product. Finally, you should also know that the more laurel oil, the higher drawing effect. Always use a toner after you clean you face with Aleppo soap.


Yes! This is a real treat! It is not a cosmetic, but definitely is ecological. You’ll like it if you whole-heartedly believe in #lesswaste philosophy. The secret to gloves and cleansing cloths is fiber technology! Solutions we have been working on in our labs, allowed us to create gloves for all skin types. Oily skins need more peeling and we have it! Dry skin, on the other hand, needs more gentle care, like it’s cleaned with fluffy fur. Done! And there’s the normal skin, which doesn’t need too much of stimulation or gentle care. Here you go! The microfibers work better if you moist them with warm water. However, avoid hot water as it unnecessarily widens the face cells, and we do not want that. Warm water, absorbed by GLOV, dissolves makeup and helps fibers absorb it without rubbing the skin. GLOV removes eye and lip makeup, under makeup base, eyeshadow, bronzer, whatever you can dream of. And you can use one glove even up to 3 months... and no cleansing gel, micellar water or toner! Peeling can be done occasionally, because GLOV also has a nursing quality. It’s a fantastic option for those of us, who travel and those of us, who don’t want to spend time on many levels of makeup removal routine costing knowledge and money. After using GLOV, you don’t have to use any more pH restoring cosmetics – because GLOV doesn’t change it. All you need to do is put on face cream and just go to sleep. And what about you? What way will you choose? Do you prefer chemical products or will you become a fan of eco solutions? What is the most important part of makeup removal routine to you? We are dying of curiosity. Let us know in the comments below.


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