What to remove makeup with — which makeup removal products are worth using and which should you avoid.

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Rules for a proper makeup removal

It’s good to think about what we want to achieve, To remove makeup and to clean the skin – these are realistic goals. But what else? A good makeup removal will not only wash off makeup and face care products of our face, but it also won’t damage the hydrolipidic layer and won’t drastically change the pH, won’t irritate the skin and won’t sentisize it. The truth is that proper makeup removal, besides effective makeup removing, should also be gentle! It’s good to treat your skin delicately and on many levels. You shouldn’t stretch the skin or rub it, you shouldn’t put aggressive products on it or overly scrub it. How to achieve these goals? The choice, as always, is yours!


If you need gentle makeup removal and your skin is dry or easily irritated, it’s best for you to get a delicate foam without any soap in it, Makutu Bird Cherry — Chestnut ,which will treat your skin gently thanks to saponins that are natural plant ingredients.

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You can also use a makeup removal milk. It’s good to change the way you use it though. First of all – forget about cotton pads, which scrub your sensitive skin needlessly.Squeeze out a small amount of milk into your hand, add some water and massage onto your face just as you put on face cream. Only then will the milk dissolve all cosmetics. Then, wash it all off with warm water. You can help yourself with a cotton compress, a muslin cloth or a konjac sponge (if you feel like additional peeling).

Soap? But which kind?

In a moment we’ll tell you why it’s not good to use soap to wash your face. But now, we’ll focus on the fact that not all soaps are bad! If you have seborrheic, acne-prone or oily skin – the soap can in fact be good for you. You just have to pick the right one. We’ve already told you more on the benefits of Aleppo soap HERE (https://pl.glov.co/blog/glov-blog/ekodemakijaz-twarzy-jak-zmywac-makijaz-bez-uzycia-chemii). It’s worth to read the article because the Aleppo soap has saved skin of many of us. Maybe it doesn’t look overly attractive, but it helps wound healing, helps control the sebum production, is cheap and very efficient. What is important, is to check what laurel oil concentration is best for your skin and don’t forget about toner! Black soap is also a fantastic cleanser. It comes in the form of a thick paste, which foams delicately during washing. The skin is clean and can become a little bit tightened so it’s good to use a toner afterwards. Remember that the soaps are good or oily skin, not really for dry one as it might dry it even more.

aleppo soap

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Face gel or a... shampoo

There’s obviously a lot of face gels. Some are more advanced, others less. On our blog we often show you cosmetic novelties and other options available on our market. Today, we will tell you about gels, but from a different point of view. If you want extra gentle face care, you can do it simply by buying a face and hair gel... for infants! Yes, that’s right! These kinds of gels wash the face in a delicate way. They won’t be able to remove heavy makeup (Kim Kardashian style) but will be just fine to wash your face in the morning or to wash it in the evening, if you only wear mineral makeup or you don’t wear it at all. Another option are the intimate hygiene gels. Bloggers and regular girls recommend the Rossmann gels for being pH neutral and having very delicate ingredients. Girls not only use it for face cleaning but also wash their thin Slavic hair with it. Did you know about all of this?

Replace toner with flower water.

Toner seems natural sometimes only by its name. In fact, you can make your own toner at home and you’ll be sure what’s inside of it. It’s popular to wash the face with milk, cucumber water, tomato water, green tea or vinegar water. The problem is, these solutions might be fine for home face care routines, they shouldn’t be permanent solutions though. Unless you have time for such complicated routine in the morning. Homemade, preservative-free toner will not last for long and you definitely shouldn’t put unfresh products on your face! A step towards nature can be replacing drugstore toner with a hydrolate – plant or herb water. Hydrolates are available at eco cosmetic stores and on the internet. Not only do they have amazing range of qualities, you can also choose one which will fully suit your needs. They smell beautifully, have real nurturing powers and will be great for diluting powder masks. They can even be used as a scented body mist!

Washing gloves.

We might be subjective, but we love GLOV because using it doesn’t require any effort. No disturbing thoughts about ingredients, additional plastic, no scrubs, no toners, no gels or foams. You just choose your favourite shape and fabric for your GLOV, soak it in water, place on your skin and remove your makeup! The pores are cleaned, makeup is left on the glove instead of your face, the eyelashes are on their place, the eyes are not irritated and the whole process lasts less than three minutes! If you still don’t know how to choose the right GLOV for you, click HERE (https://pl.glov.co/blog/glov-blog/jak-dobrac-rekawiczke-do-twojego-typu-skory).

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Which products shouldn’t be used for makeup removal?

Now you know that makeup removal should be efficient and gentle at the same time. It’s obvious that its opposite would be the inaccurate and worsening the skin state one, damaging its hydrolipidic layer.There are some things, which according to us (and the specialists) should never be used for makeup removal and we should finally forget they ever exited!

Traditional soap.

It’s a number one enemy on the makeup removal list! Not only do they clean „too much”, but they also create bad press for the good soaps. Which soaps should you avoid? The ones which pH is much higher than our skin, and that is about 7-8 pH. Our skin’s natural pH is 5,5 and if you will cosmetics with a higher pH, it will be too aggressive for your skin, change its reaction from acidic to alkaline (which might imbalance the skin), might make it too sensitive, too dry or prone to bacterias. The skin should not be removed from its natural hydrolipidic layer. If it happens, it will need a lot of time to regenerate and it could additionally start peepling off to make up for all the loss.

Aggressive detergents.

You should always be careful about the ingredient lists. It’s worth reading and analysing them. Very often, people with acne-prone skin or the one that tends to get blocked pores will have problems with aggressive detergents. All they want is to have a beautifully clean skin, but they end up with irritated and dry one, and some other additional problems. We don’t like to talk about ingredients too much, because we offer you a solution that is free from it. When you use GLOV, you don’t have to regret not paying attention in the chemistry lessons ;) Definitely share some of your makeup removal worst mistakes! We’re dying of curiosity and we also want other girls to know what to avoid!


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