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Choose the perfect set for you!

Glamorous Set

Take care of your hair and face at home! The set includes a makeup remover glove and an innovative hair towel.

Born to be wild Set

GLOV On-the-go makeup remover glove and Bunny Ears zebra hair band add a crazy character to your care rituals.

GLOV Hollywood Collection

Synthetic face makeup brushes that will delight both beginners and advanced makeup artists!

GLOV Home Care Set contains our remarkable Hair Wrap and the most popular Moon Pads.  Choose your favourite print and enjoy home SPA.

GLOV Mommy and Me

With the GLOV hair wrap set, you can enjoy doing your beauty rituals together with your daughter.

GLOV Stardust

With the GLOV Stardust Set, your skin and hair will take on a natural shine, like they’ve just been sprinkled with stardust!

GLOV Matcha Latte Set

Japanese style is the combination of perfection and minimalism… You can find it all in the Matcha Latte Set from GLOV!

Cosmic Spa

This set will help you take care of a beautiful complexion and a firm body!


A set with a towel and reusable pads will help reduce the amount of waste in the household!

Natural Beauty Set

Take comprehensive care of your face  - beautiful complexion and wonderful lips without makeup!

Moon Pads Set

A set of 10 reusable pads, a bag for washing and storing them, closed in a beautiful cosmetic bag!

Travel Set All Skin Types

Pink makeup removal set in your favorite beauty case. Makeup removal on the go has never been easier!

Best Set Ever

The largest set that includes whole-body care products! Makeup removal kit, body massage glove, hair towel, reusable cotton pads and a hair band.

Perfect Care Set

Two GLOV On-the-go makeup remover gloves and Magnet Cleanser soaps in one kit.

Family Set

Skin care for the whole family! Gloves for removing makeup, for caring for the male body and for washing children.

Power Couple Set

The perfect set for a couple! Makeup removal glove for woman and body scrub glove for man.


Two gifts in one set! Bunny Ears hair band for her and GLOV Man body peeling glove for him.

Beauty Combo Pack

Four products in one set! Hair wrap and hair band, body care set and glove for removing cosmetic masks.

Beauty Bomb Set

Super cute makeup removal set! GLOV Comfort and Bunny Ears headband as a great gift idea.

Crystal Clear Set

Makeup remover glove, thimble for makeup corrections and soap. All closed in a capacious, holographic cosmetic bag!

Bunny Together Set

Best-selling set contains makeup remover gloves and a hair band. Everything is locked in a practical, pink bag!

Travel Set Summer Colors

Makeup removal set ideal for traveling. Choose your favorite color!

Travel Set Oily Skin

Remove makeup from oily skin wherever you are! Makeup remover gloves and soap packed in a beauty case that fits in every luggage.

Travel Set Dry Skin

GLOV Dry Skin makeup remover glove, Quick Treat makeup correction thimble and Magnet Cleanser soap in a beauty bag that you can easily pack into your suitcase.

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