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reusable pads

GLOV Natural Cleansing Pads

Discover a new 100% natural way to take care of your skin with the GLOV Natural Cleansing Pad!

GLOV Heart Pads

GLOV Heart Pads are the sweetest reusable cosmetic pads which can remove your makeup with water only!

GLOV Moon Pads Original Fiber

GLOV Original Fiber is now also available as reusable swabs!

GLOV Moon Pads 3 pcs. in eco packaging

3 reusable GLOV Moon Pads in starch packaging!

GLOV Moon Pads 5 pcs. in eco packaging

Bestseller for makeup removal in an even more ecological version!

GLOV Moon Pads 2 pcs

Two reusable cosmetic pads - the best choice for traveling!

GLOV moon pads

They will successfully replace up to 400 cotton pads! Use with water only or your favorite cosmetics for up to 3 months.

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