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Aromatic bath bombs that will take you to a dreamland of rest and relaxation without leaving home. Time for a true spa in your own bathroom!

GLOV Tan Away

Use the GLOV Tan Away mitt to avoid mottled skin when it dries, get rid of unwanted streaks or remove the self-tanner completely.

GLOV Skin Smoothing

Reusable bamboo body massage glove. It improves skin condition and reduces cellulite after only 3 weeks of use.

GLOV Tan Away

A glove that will take care of your body before and after tanning! Exfoliates the skin and evens the color of tan.


Glove for washing and body scrub for men. A simple and effective solution in the fight against ingrown hair and blackheads!


A set of cute gloves in the shape of rabbits. Baby hygiene without chemicals. The product has a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child.

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