Accessories perfectly complementing GLOV products!

Aromatic bath bombs that will take you to a world of rest and relaxation without leaving your home.

GLOV Mango Sponge

A sponge for applying foundation, concealer, blush or highlighter

GLOV Less Waste Bottle

A thermal bottle that will allow you to take your favorite hot drink wherever you want!

GLOV Less Waste Mirror

Biodegradable, compact and double-glazed - meet our unique mirror!

GLOV Kabuki Makeup Brush

A soft brush made of synthetic bristles to apply loose foundation and powder.

GLOV Scrunchies

Sets of fluffy hair ties in different colors and materials.

GLOV Raindrop Hairbrush

A brush that combs tangled strands, but also combs masks and conditioners in the hair for a better care effect!

GLOV Scrubex

Exfoliating, revolutionary tool - remove dead skin and get rid of chapped lips once and for all!

Laundry bag

Mesh laundry bag for washing and storing your Moon Pads.

Sleeping sequin eye mask

Eye mask that will give you a cozy and undisturbed sleep!

Eye makeup brushes

5 synthetic eye makeup brushes. Thanks to them application of glittery shadow, blending or perfect eyeliner makeup will be so easy to make!

Exploding card

The exploding card is the perfect addition to any gift! An unforgettable experience guaranteed!

Magnet Cleanser

Soap with refreshing fragrance for cleaning GLOV products and makeup brushes.

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