5 reasons to love GLOV

zero waste
With no additional cleansing products required, our make-up removal products can be used daily for up to 3 months. With GLOV, you save money and produce less waste!
just add a little water
Our technology allows you to wash your skin using water only, with no need for micellar water, toner, cleansing milk, face gel or peeling. And your skin will still be left feeling clean and pampered.
smart skin care
There's now no need to subject your skin to all those unnecessary chemicals and beauty treatments. Use just this one product, and you can save time, energy and help the environment.
Just imagine using one single product for up to three months, and then think of all the other things that you'll never have to buy again. GLOV has it all!
Your GLOV will not only remove your make-up but it will also gently peel the skin and improve microcirculation. Choose the fibres yourself and use them according to your needs. There are three types of GLOV for you to choose from.

GLOV vs traditional makeup removal