1) Is using GLOV safe?

Yes, GLOV makeup removers are dermatologically and laboratory tested and hypoallergenic. GLOV fibers even suit atopic skin needs.

2) Is GLOV hygienic as a reusable makeup remover?

Yes. GLOV is made of fibers which do not foster bacteria growth. But it is very important to remember to clean it after every use, and hang it in an airy room to dry.

3) Do you need any other products to remove makeup with GLOV?

No, just water.

4) How do you clean GLOV?

GLOV makeup removers from Original line (Glov On-The-Go, GLOV Comfort) should be hand washed with the use of GLOV Magnet Cleanser or a simple bar of soap. GLOV makeup removers from Expert line (Oily&Dry skin) are machine washable, but without softeners, which destroy the ultra-delicate fiber. Watch a video on how to use and clean GLOV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwzRLCG3J5s It’s fast and easy!

5) Can I use GLOV daily?

Yes, GLOV can be used daily. GLOV protects skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier and is an efficient way to make other skin care products (such as creams) more effective.

6) Is tap water safe for my skin?

It’s as safe as using tap water while taking a shower or a bath.

7) What products does GLOV replace?

GLOV is not only a makeup remover. It replaces 5 skincare cosmetics: eye makeup remover, face cleansing milk, exfoliator, face wash gel, and cotton pads. GLOV is a time and money saver!

8) How long will my GLOV last?

GLOV can be used daily for up to 3 months.

9) Do I need to use GLOV with oils, cleaning milk or gels?

No, all you need is water. Cosmetics and oils may have a harmful impact on the fibers’ quality and structure, causing them to lose their beneficial features.

10) Will GLOV also remove waterproof makeup?

Yes, the warmer water you use, the more effectively GLOV works.

11) How do you effectively remove makeup with GLOV?

Check the YT channel: Glov.Official, and watch a short video on how to use GLOV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwzRLCG3J5s

12) What is the difference between GLOV and ordinary microfiber?

GLOV fibers are made using microtechnology, so they have electrostatic properties and absorb makeup like a magnet. Furthermore, they have been dermatologically tested and assessed as hypoallergenic.

13) What is the difference between GLOV and other makeup removal products?

GLOV fibers have the highest quality, they have been dermatologically tested and assessed as hypoallergenic.

14) How do you use GLOV?

1. Moisten GLOV with water 2. Press GLOV against the skin for a moment and gently remove makeup using a circular motion 3. Clean with GLOV Magnet Cleanser or a bar of soap 4. Let GLOV dry, and repeat!

15) What is GLOV made of?

GLOV micro-fibers are made using microtechnology. The unique micro-fibers are one hundred times thinner than a human hair, and shaped like a star to grab and remove makeup without damaging skin.

16) Where is GLOV manufactured?

Our product is 100% made in Poland, Europe.