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5 mitów na temat demakijażu

5 myths on makeup removal. You should never do this.

The case is clear as day — makeup removal is a must. Do it thoroughly, every day, even after the longest day at work, craziest party or while travelling. Only washing the whole day off your face will allow you to have healthy and radiant skin. This you know, but do you know what you’ve been doing wrong so far?
skuteczne zmywanie makijażu

10 tips on effective makeup removal

Not a lot of us girls think of makeup removal as a pleasant activity. It’s just another thing to do. But, removing makeup can actually be a calming ritual to perfom after you come back from work or just before you go to bed. It‘s worth it to thoroughly, but gently remove your makeup because... the better you cleanse your skin in the evening, the less imperfections you’ll have to cover on the next day.

Eco makeup removal - how to take care of your skin without chemicals substances?

All of us dream about naturally beautiful skin. The kind that will look great with makeup on but also saute, without us feeling uneasy or awkward. We want it to be clean, hydrated and radiant. Here’s something to think about – switch to eco makeup removal which will also care for your skin.
demakijaż gwiazd

Makeup removal by celebrities - check out tricks practiced by the biggest stars

Makeup removal can be so dull! Not a lot of us find it pleasurable. It’s usually just one of the things we have to cross off our lists in the evening. But, have you ever wondered how stars and celebrities remove their makeup? Wonder no more! Today, we lift the veil on their tricks!
rękawiczki do demakijażu do różnych typów skóry

Makeup removal gloves – how to choose the right one for your skin type?

How to match a makeup removal glove to your skin type? What to choose, and what to avoid? Can makeup removal gloves be used with every skin type? Are they safe? Today, we’re going to tell you about our products which we designed to be perfectly safe for your skin – no matter if your problem is excessive sebum, vascular skin, sensitive skin, easily irritated skin or if you’re skin is just normal.
demakijaż olejem kokosowym

Makeup removal with the coconut oil – pros and cons.

At first, the coconut oil gathered thousands of fans, but after the initial admiration – just as many foes. Some people say it’s a great makeup remover that also cares for the skin, others that it belongs only in the kitchen, but there are also those who claim it’s not healthy at all. What are its qualities and can it really be used as a makeup remover? We’re giving you statements from bloggers and experts.
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