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We're innovative

cotton pad

The round shape of the fibers doesn't make the makeup completely removed from the skin surface. To make the makeup removal, it is necessary to use other products - micellar fluid, makeup remover milk, face gel.

GLOV fibers

The GLOV fibers created in microtechnology are hypoallergenic, mild to the eyes, maintain the natural pH of the skin, and only need water to function. Thanks to electrostatic properties, they absorb makeup particles like a magnet. GLOV cares for the skin as if it were a magic wand, but it's not magic! This is our innovative technology.

Modern factory

How do we produce GLOV? First of all, we choose one of our four different kinds of fibre that have been developed especially for use in cosmetics and which come in a range of colours. Then they are molded into one of four different shapes so that your GLOV can meet all your needs. The icing on the cake is our fine trim and subtle embroidery with our logo. We believe in aesthetic details and as you will be using your GLOV for up to 3 months, it's important that it should please the eye! And now all that's left is to pack the product and send it off to the customer. Job done!

Our history

Wow, that was a good start! Our very first products are available in stores, and we win an award for Start-up of the Year. Nice!
Boom! Another award! We win Micro-entrepreneur of the Year and hope to get bigger soon.
Constantly growing and developing, GLOV becomes sponsor of the Masterclass workshops run by Mario Dedivanovic.
Like a rolling stone, there's no stopping us as our products become available in 50 countries around the world!
Yeeesss! You can now buy GLOV in 60 countries around the world! We did it!