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Sleeping Beauty Set

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Beauty Bomb Set

The beauty explosion is here!

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GLOV Hair Wrap

Soft and gentle way to dry your hair!

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Bunny Ears

A real must-have for every woman!

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The makeup removal your skin deserves!

  • reusable
    1 - 3 months

  • gentle
    suits all skin types

  • 5 in 1 skin care
    replaces 5 products

  • eco friendly
    replaces cotton pads

  • only with water
    no more chemicals!

eco friendly
5 in 1 skin care
money wise
5 in 1 skin care
Make-up removal product with electrostatic fibers
Fast make-up removal with GLOV
(...) it removes the waterproof make-up too
To understand how revolutionary this product is, you have to test it. Soft as a teddy bear (...)
GLOV removes make-up quickly and efficiently in any situation!

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